Get ready to take control of your health.


Set up a lifestyle that supports your body and mind to access an unlimited and purposeful life. It’s not the big bold changes that matter. It’s the moment by moment choices you make that give you access to your greatest health.


Redesign your life

Would you love to feel unlimited by pain, fatigue and heaviness? Do you need some guidance and motivation to get your lifestyle choices on track?


for Individuals

You are my type of person if you would like to live a purposeful and unlimited life. You realise that there this is an undiscovered path to feeling better and enjoying life a little more. You believe in the power of a holistic and integrative model of care and would love some support and guidance to know how to set up your lifestyle for better health and wellbeing.

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for health professionals

You are my type of practitioner if you like to think a bit differently, don’t want to work in a typical job and thrive on learning anything and everything you can about health and wellbeing. You have an interest in integrative medicine, lifestyle medicine, soft tissue injury management or mind/body medicine, and you certainly don’t accept the status quo of a traditional medical model approach.

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for workplaces

You are my type of employer if you would like to offer your workplace innovative health and wellbeing solutions.  At Edser Heath, we can design strategic and intuitive programs that will suit your organisation and the unique characteristics of your workers. 

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Elevate your skills

Are you a practitioner looking for more dynamic ways of delivering patient care? Do you want to learn more from an integrative, occupational therapy and lifestyle medicine approach?

“I believe that health and happiness is not just about getting rid of pain, it’s not just about treating the symptoms of disease, and it’s not even about having a healthy body. It is about having meaningful occupations, meaningful relationships, a deep respect for your body and an open hearted approach to life in general”
— Jac Edser