elevate your skills

hi there practitioner! let’s do this….

hi there practitioner! let’s do this….

how will this mentoring help you?

During the mentoring you will discover clarity, experience changes in your thinking and feeling and see new possibilities in both your personal and professional practice.  You will move from feeling overwhelmed and unmotivated to purposeful and inspired. You will feel supported and learn from an Integrative, Lifestyle Medicine and Occupational Therapy approach. This approach brings together an unlimited evidence-base, from hundreds of years, allowing you a clear and focused purpose.

You will discover new ways to practice or a new path to practice, which may include soft tissue injury management, lifestyle medicine or workplace health and wellbeing. You will feel you can turn up to each sessions with your clients with a clear direction and purpose. You will allow your clients to find a greater sense of purpose, with their energy focused on what they need and hence, they write a new story free from the pain not embedded in old habits.

It is my intention that you will see great value in what you have to offer your patients and your community, and great meaning on why you do what you do. I hope that in doing so it creates exciting opportunities for yourself in practice and business.

here’s what is included….

initial appraisal of professional history, skills and aspirations

This appraisal will allow you opportunity to reflect on and assess your professional journey so far and develop clarity on your aspirations. This will shape the individualised component of the mentoring session and give some focus points for your initial one-on-one mentoring session.

Initial one-on-one mentoring session

This mentoring session is usually done via video web and will seek to discover where your true passion and purpose lies. You will set some actionable tasks and be guided on how to achieve the best way to practice for you or the best path to practice. We will endeavour to discover what is truly unique about you and your offerings and seek to nurture that uniqueness.

2 x Follow up one-on-one mentoring sessions

During the 3 months you will have access to a further two one-on-one mentoring sessions to either problem solve case studies, ask further questions in a particular area or gain further guidance in areas of professional practice and business relevant to you.


Your investment

$1850 or 3 x monthly payments of $625

five webinars

You will have access to 5 webinars, either live or recordings. Please click here to see topics and times for individual webinars. Webinar topics include;

  • Posture, Core and Breathing Assessment 

  • Low Back Pain - OT/Integrative/LM Approach 

  • Heart Coherence for health

  • Brain Coherence - what is means for wellbeing

  • Occupational Therapy and Lifestyle Medicine - what is it now and in the future?

Case Studies with case conference

You will be guided through 3 informative case studies with diagnostic review, clinical reasoning and treatment planning. You will opportunity for discussion and problem solving in case conferences with fellow mentees.

three study modules

The study modules offer you a dynamic approach to common health topics utilising an integrative, occupational therapy, lifestyle medicine approach. Topics covered include;

  • Functional Posture assessment with sensorimotor reprogramming strategies for normalisation of function

  • Mind body strategies to facilitate healing from injuries and ill health

  • Lifestyle modification for optimal wellbeing including functional movement strategies, eating habits and social/community engagement.