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redesign you lifestyle..

redesign you lifestyle..

DO you want to feel unlimited?

You are my type of person if you would like to live a purposeful and unlimited life.  You may have been struggling with health issues for some time, and, they may appear to have no apparent cause.  You may feel a bit disheartened and feel like no one is listening.  You have a never ending “to do” list and sorting out your health and wellbeing just adds more things to the list.  You probably feel a little overwhelmed, unmotivated, and a little heavy.  

You do however realise that there this is an undiscovered path to feeling better and enjoying life a little more. 

You believe in the power of a holistic and integrative model of care and would love some support and guidance to know how to set up your lifestyle for better health and wellbeing.

During the coaching program you will discover clarity, experience changes in your thinking and feeling and see new possibilities.  You will move from feeling overwhelmed and unmotivated to purposeful and inspired. You will learn strategies to heal and harmonise your life, so you can feel unlimited and live a purposeful life.

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get together…get inspired

get together…get inspired

gain clarity and purpose


Join in for a half day of realigning your physical, chemical and emotional health. Get some practice on practical lifestyle habits and behaviours to improve your health and wellbeing.

By understanding your mind and body from an integrative, occupational therapy and lifestyle medicine approach, you will gain greater clarity and purpose. You will feel more inspired and motivated to live an unlimited life.

These workshops are designed to not only educate, but connect you with other people to support you and your health.

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kickstart your health

kickstart your health

take 30 days to realign

Kick-start your realignment with this 30 day lifestyle program. Based on medical and scientific research, this program gives you a chance to realign your lifestyle habits of moving, eating and thinking/feeling.

We know from this research that health and happiness is approximately 10% genes and 90% lifestyle! So here is your opportunity to focus on the choices you make every day and start to create a lifestyle that promotes healthy moving habits, healthy eating habits and healthy thinking habits.

Health is created in the moment by moment decisions. This 30 days brings awareness to the decisions you make that either contribute to or take away from your health.

Refocus, regroup and realign your health.