Webinar topics


Sep 26th @ 8am.

45 mins

Posture, Core and Breathing Assessment

After 20 years of practice in functional soft tissue injuries, I have found that posture, core and breathing assessment is one of the most vital and foundational parts of assessing a person. It not only gives you great insight into biomechanical imbalances and dysfunctional movement patterns, but also shows how the person is functioning from a mental/psychological point of view.

This webinar will cover principles of assessing breathing patterns from a Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation approach based on the work of Professor Karel Lewit and Professor Pavel Kolar. We will review the postural stabilising function can become insufficient or dysfunctional, specifically relating to the diaphragm’s role in controlling intra abdominal pressure. We will look at the effect on posture and common postural compensatory patterns. 

We will also review how this can be relevant of both acute and chronic injuries, especially low back pain and neck injuries.

You will also gain an understanding of how to develop treatment planning for reprogramming of dysfunctional patterns, with an exceptionally practical approach.

Webinar summary;

  • Postural assessment - what to look for, what it tells you about the person physically and mentally.

  • Breathing assessment - review of DNS approach and the postural stabilising function of the diaphragm. Assessment of function and co-ordination of breathing patterns. Common dysfunctional movement/compensatory patterns. Relationship of breathing pattern with stress responses in the body.

  • Acute and Chronic injuries - review the relevance of posture and breathing in development of injuries and the prevention of injuries, especially low back pain and neck pain.

  • Treatment planning - practical application of a treatment program with particular attention on easy to implement strategies for clients.

45 minutes - Sep 26th @ 8am.

Webinar will be recorded. If you cannot attend live, then you are can download and listen later.


31st October 8am

45 mins

Low Back Pain :

an OT, Integrative, LM Approach

There is currently no 100% fail safe “cure” for low back pain.  However, in my experience, the more we can take a truly integrative and holistic approach, not only to the person’s back injury, but to the whole person and their lifestyle, we can improve outcomes for our clients.

It seems to be that when we are dealing with the condition of being human, the cause and the solution for low back pain could possibly be different and unique for each person. Finding pathology wont necessarily always correlate with finding the actual cause of the pain.  And conversely, finding no pathology does not always correlate with no symptoms or dysfunction.   

This webinar will look at some interesting data, research and clinical examples to provoke some thinking into where those solutions may lie.

Topics covered;

  • Mind / Body Connection -review the growing body of research looking at the mind body connection including mindfulness based stress reduction, eliciting the relaxation response, meditation and breathing patterns.

  • Nutrition and Digestion - review the concept of considering how someone’s overall nutritional profile can either set them up for healing and repair, or, contribute to ongoing chronic inflammation.  We will also look at the neurological links with the digestive system and considerations for healing.

  • Co-morbidities - Is it the chicken or the egg?  Does chronic lower back pain result from inactivity associated with conditions such os obesity or does the obesity come from the inactivity caused by chronic lower back pain? We will explore the connections and the importance of treating lifestyle factors as part of the treatment for LBP.  

  • Low Back Pain Hack - a review of lifestyle hacks to help prevent low back pain and treat/manage symptoms.


28th November 8am

45 mins


30th January 2020 8am

Brain & Heart Coherence

“Coherence is the state when the heart, mind and emotions are in energetic alignment and cooperation. It is a state that builds resiliency – personal energy is accumulated, not wasted – leaving more energy to manifest intentions and harmonious outcomes.” HeartMath Institute Research Director Dr. Rollin McCraty.

In this webinar we will explore the science of brain and heart coherence and what this means for health and healing. We will take a look at how incoherence can set up the conditions for ill health, disharmony and disease. We will also review the current studies on the effects of people cultivating heart and brain coherence, specifically the effects seen on brain scans, blood tests and gene testing.

Specifically we will review the following concepts;

  • Heart rate variability - what is it and how is it measured and the significance for optimal wellbeing

  • Brain wave patterns - beta, alpha, theta, delta, gamma, what happens at each frequency

  • Conscious and sub conscious brain - how to access the sub conscious and create new programs

OT and LM - what is a healthy lifestyle?

We all promote a “healthy lifestyle” to our clients, but, what is that exactly? Is there a magic formula or is it unique and individual for every person?

Being able to analyse a person and a person’s lifestyle to pinpoint areas of dysfunction or disharmony is one of the greatest skills of an OT. We will explore how we use this skill to evaluate a person and their lifestyle to look for areas of physical, chemical or emotional stress and how this is impacting their health. We will explore what it means to have purpose and be unlimited by your body and mind. We will explore what traditional lifestyles allow a greater sense of happiness and longevity, compared to those that are destined to disease.

We will cover a typical initial evaluation of a person including;

  • initial health and wellness evaluation - including tips for initial questionnaire, evaluation tools and diagnostic measurements

  • lifestyle audit - encouraging self evaluation and reflection to guide interventions

  • treatment planning - including home programs and referral to other medical/allied practitioners.

We will explore what it means to have purpose and be unlimited by your body and mind. We will explore what traditional lifestyles allow a greater sense of happiness and longevity, compared to those that are destined to disease.