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it’s a 3 month program for you

it’s a 3 month program for you


all of this is included……..

Health & Lifestyle Questionnaire

This comprehensive health & lifestyle questionnaire will establish the basis for your 3 month coaching program. It will give you opportunity to document and reflect on your current health concerns, your health history, your social situation, your emotional health, your eating habits and patterns, movement strategies and stress management strategies. This will all be reviewed and discussed in you initial one-on one consultation.

Lifestyle Audit

Your lifestyle audit gives you further clarification into which areas of your lifestyle you are satisfied with and those which you would like to change. Your lifestyle audit will include work, play, eating, movement, thinking, feeling, social and relationships.

One-on-one Initial Consultation

One hourly - Your initial one-on-one consultation will usually be completed via web video and all aspects of your questionnaire will be reviewed and discussed. Priorities for health and lifestyle change will be established with particular care to delve into the underlying causes of any dysfunction or imbalances. Referral for medical diagnostics or co-ordination with current medial or allied health practitioners will always be recommended when required.


Redesign your lifestyle & discover unlimited health

You are my type of person if you would like to live a purposeful and unlimited life.  You may have been struggling with health issues for some time, and, they may appear to have no apparent cause.  You may feel a bit disheartened and feel like no one is listening.  You have a never ending “to do” list and sorting out your health and wellbeing just adds more things to the list.  You probably feel a little overwhelmed, unmotivated, and a little heavy.  

You do however realise that there this is an undiscovered path to feeling better and enjoying life a little more.  You believe in the power of a holistic and integrative model of care and would love some support and guidance to know how to set up your lifestyle for better health and wellbeing.

During the coaching program you will discover clarity, experience changes in your thinking and feeling and see new possibilities.  You will move from feeling overwhelmed and unmotivated to purposeful and inspired. You will learn strategies to heal and harmonise your life, so you can feel unlimited and live a purposeful life.


BFAG Setting

Big Fabulous Amazing Goal Setting. It is so much easier to get out of bed when you have purpose. In fact, a purposeful life is one that is happier and healthier. So what is it that your heart truly desires. We will work together to set a big fabulous amazing goal for you and set up the conditions to achieve it.

Lifestyle Detox

For any lifestyle changes to be successful, we need our environment to be as supportive as possible.  You will be guided through areas of your physical environment that need a “detox” and re-establish an uncluttered and supportive environment.

Monthly one-on-one sessions

This will ensure your accountability to adopting any changes in your health and lifestyle and problem solve any issues that arise. You will be supported and you will feel confident to make different choices.

Personalised Action Plan

We will establish a personalise action plan for you each month. This may include strategies to change eating patterns, movement patterns or to introduce mindfulness or meditation practices into your daily life. You will have a clear direction and a plan for change that is both realistic for you and manageable in your current circumstances.


$ 1250 or 3 x monthly payments of $425. Health fund rebates may apply.