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go all the way….

go all the way….

DO you think a bit differently?

You are my type of practitioner if you like to think a bit differently, don’t want to work in a typical job and thrive on learning anything and everything you can about health and wellbeing.  You have an interest in integrative medicine, lifestyle medicine, soft tissue injury management or mind/body medicine, and you certainly don’t accept the status quo of a traditional medical model approach.  You realise the power of the mind, the heart and the spirit of not only a person, but of a community and your purpose to being a practitioner is to truly help people live a life of purpose and vitality.

You may feel a bit lost in the system and struggling to find a purpose or clear direction with your career.  You probably even have a few complex health issues yourself that you are struggling to make sense of, much less solve. 

You may feel a little overwhelmed and unmotivated, a little heavy.  But no one should ever underestimate your power and your spark.  It’s never gone out, it just needs a little fire and direction and you will show the world what great things you are made of.  

During the mentoring you will discover clarity, experience changes in your thinking and feeling and see new possibilities in both your personal and professional practice.  You will move from feeling overwhelmed and unmotivated to purposeful and inspired.

You will be mentored through specific modules for professional practice from an Integrative, Lifestyle Medicine and Occupational Therapy approach.  You will learn the practical application and the unique art and science of treating a person from this model of thinking whether that be helping people with acute injuries, chronic diseases or mental/emotional wellbeing.  You will gain a deeper understanding of the power of mind/body practices for optimal healing and developing astute clinical reasoning skills to get to the underlying cause of injury or ill health.  

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get online…..

get online…..

do you want to be more dynamic in your patient care ?

These webinars will bring you up to date theory and practice on a range of topics relevant to all areas of clinical practice. The topics will challenge your thinking and provoke you to be even more dynamic in your patient care. I believe we must always nurture both the art and science of our clinical practice to continue to empower our patients with tools and strategies for an unlimited and meaningful life.


5 inspiring webinar topics

Posture, Core and Breathing Assessment - learn why assessing breathing pattern is one of the most vital and foundational parts of assessing a person.

Low Back Pain : OT/Integrative/LM Approach  -learn how the cause and the solution for low back pain could possibly be different and unique for each person and how to develop an individualised treatment program.

Brain & Heart Coherence - explore the science of brain and heart coherence and what this means for health and healing. Take a look at how incoherence can set up the conditions for ill health, disharmony and disease.

OT and LM - what is a healthy lifestyle? - what exactly is a healthy lifestyle? Is there a magic formula or is it unique and individual for every person? Learn how to evaluate a person and their lifestyle to look for areas of physical, chemical or emotional stress and how this is impacting their health.

45 minute webinars

Join in live or listen to a recording at your own convenient time!

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get hands on….

get hands on….

do your hands need a workout?

Experience the power of learning as a group with practical, hands on application of the an Occupational Therapy/ Integrative/ Lifestyle medicine approach to common conditions. Expand your astute observation and assessment skills as well as your hands on therapy and healing touch.


  1. Lower back pain - an integrative, OT & LM approach

  2. Posture, Core and Breathing Assessment for LBP

  3. Headaches - assessment and management using a integrative lifestyle approach

  4. Mind and Body strategies for Mental Wellbeing - setting up a lifestyle that supports mental wellbeing.