Mystified by magnesium

I attended a seminar on Thursday night that was all about Magnesium. The guru shwami from Germany was here to enlighten us about “the Magnesium” crisis and teach us about the Magnesium Metabolic Types.  Sounded awesome, so I paid my $70 to the “natural health” company that was hosting the event, and drove to Brisbane to attend the 3 hour seminar.  It was the first time I had attended one of these seminars that was put on by one of these companies. Great value and great for my professional development.

WRONG!!!  30 minutes later, I was that really rude person who stands up in the middle of someone’s presentation and leaves the other 150 people to be brainwashed by ridiculously unfunctional, compartmentalised information. 

What I still cannot work out, is how nautral health practitioners have fallen into the hands of these large cmpanies who make products, fund research about their products, then fund people to tell you about the research that proves you must buy their product.  No other magnesium on the earth could do what this one does!  It helps everything from migraines to Alzheimers!  Given that magnesium is an ESSENTIAL mineral, and our main energy source is dependent on it, there is absolutely no surprise what so ever that increasing magnesium intake will help just about every problem in the body, whether is be cardiovacular, musculoskeletal or neurological.  I really didn’t need to sit in a room and see  all the “evidence” to support this!

I haven’t qutie worked out what was so wrong about this whole thing.......but it did not sit right with me.  It has made me lose a lot of faith in our natural therapies world.  Most of the people in the room were Naturopaths, and what astounded me, was that they were all intently listening, absorbing and taking notes on this “world class” information.  It makes me wonder if any of them are going to stop and think.........hang on a minute, I am treating a person here.  If they are using up too much magnesium because of stress, because of alcohol, becuase of excessive exercise, the solution is not to give a higher dose supplement in a different form.  The solution is not to be a scientist and make this chemical reaction change that chemical reaction.  You are not a genius because you figured out that they are magnesium deficient.  

The solution lies in being a listener, a detective and a healer to work out WHY these things are happening.  Sure, support the body short term with a supplement, but that is not the answer.  That is not the solution.  Chances are, if they are magnesium deficient, they are deficient in a whole range of other things as well anyway!  And the answer lies in the WHY.

Even in our ‘natural‘ therapies world, we are compartmentalising the body and forgetting that it operates as a whole.  I’m actually still quite mystified that someone could actually dedicate their life to reseraching one mineral.  

And the other thing.......did they forget that there is something on this planet called food!  Vegetables, nuts, seeds.....loaded with magnesium, and loaded with all the other minerals and nutirents that our bodies need in balance.  Wow......

Jac Edser