Managing the managers

It would seem that if you are a manger, the skills that make you a great manger are the skills that make your health suffer.  Your ability to just keep going, your ability to function highly under stress and your ability to put the needs of others first for a desired outcome are great skills as a manager.  Well they are great skills for managing work and business, not so good for managing your health.  If you are a manager, you are likely to thrive on a challenge and excel when the odds are against you.  Your probably even just a little bit stubborn..........or maybe just determined to get things done the way you want them done!

I may as well confess and admit that I was exactly that as a manager......and while I was seemingly keeping it all together on the outside, I was slowly draining out and drying up every last drop of adrenalin and cortisol, and, every last drop of joy (and some would say, sanity!).

Sitting on the other side of adrenal fatigue and mental burnout, it is easy to see the errors of my ways.  However, when I was immersed in the merry go round rat wheel of staff reviews, staff wages, rosters, contractors, balance sheets, time sheets, sick days, bad hair days it was not easy at all to see the warning signs.  

Hence my motivation to put together this health mentoring program.  I’ve previously focused on healing the healers, now it is time to manage the managers!  This program has a whole new section on workplace intelligence, where we complete a virtual or in person assessment of your workstation and your workflow.  Two of the most important ingredients for productivity in the workplace.  We might even get our feng shui on!

I welcome you to check it out and contact me with any enquires.  Please chat with me if you have several people in your workplace who would like to participate, as the program can be packaged slightly differently for you.

In health,

Jac Edser