Body Intelligence Health Challenge

The Challenge - Week 2

The challenge for this week is to continue focusing on tuning in to how your body feels through out the day and specifically pay attention to how you feel after lunch.  A lot of people go for a “quick fix” or “pick me up” in a chocolate bar, soft drink or energy drink in the early afternoon because they feel an energy slump and concentration wanes.  My challenge is to not focus on trying to change the behaviour of reaching for the quick fix, but focus on how you are feeling and why?  Once you figure that out, then focus on changing things to not feel that way in the first place.

Tune in

This week it is time to tune in to how your body is feeling after lunch and in the early afternoon.  

  • After lunch - how do you feel?  How does your digestion feel?  Are you bloated?  Are you still hungry?  Do you have any pain anywhere?
  • How is your energy - has there been a change in your energy?  Are you tired?  Are you more alert?
  • Thirst - pay particular attention to your thirst at this time of day.  And, pay particular attention to the amount of water you haven’t drunk!  By this time of day you should have had at least 1 litre if not more!

Tune up

Your challenge this week is to move in a different way.  Just about all of our bodily functions are dependant on movement.  And I am not talking about exercise.  I am talking about moving all your muscles, joints, fascia through full unrestricted range of movement.  This promotes flow and stimulation in your body......flow of blood (important for oxygenation and distribution of nutrients), flow of lymphatics (important for immune system and elimination of toxins), stimulation of healing mechanisms in joints, skin and fascia, and  probably most importantly, stimulation of your brain.

In my experience, most injuries and illnesses develop because we have developed a particular pattern that is not functional or good for us.  We keep repeating that pattern because that is all we know, and, in a way, our body is neurochemically addicted to it.  To change it, there is an uncomfortable period, and then we develop a new pattern that is more functional or better for us and we feel a whole lot better.

So this weeks challenge is 

  •  Move differently.  Develop a new movement pattern.  For example, if you usually sit slumped in your chair, try sitting differently.  If you usually stand on one leg when you are talking to people, try standing evenly on both legs.  if you usually carry your child on one hip, try the other hip.  Or if you feel like getting up a boogying in your office - do it!  Wiggle it!!
  • Stretch - I have three stretches I am going to give you over the course of the week.  Your challenge is to do them every day while you are doing something else.  For example, I will show you a hamstring stretch you can do while your cleaning you teeth.  That means you can stretch your hamstrings twice every day!  


Remember, all of these tasks are things we can keep doing for the rest of our lives.  Develop a new pattern and stay aware of your body.  At some point you might need to change the pattern again.

Happy moving!


Body Intelligence Health Challenge - Welcome!



This health challenge is all about increasing your body intelligence. My belief is that you are the expert of your body. The more you can learn about how your body works, the more you are able to look after it and feel the very best you can. When you feel great......then anything is possible!


One of the reasons I am so passionate about Body Intelligence is that I have learnt so much professionally through treating other people, but also, my personal health has led me to search far and wide for an understanding of the body.

The turning point

The most significant turning point for me was when I was about 18 years old. I had suffered since my childhood from gut problems and migraine headaches and at this point the problems has escalated to the point where I can remember lying on the floor at home in a foetal position crying because the pain was so bad. I ended up in the consulting room of a gastroenterologist, after many unpleasant tests, and he prescribed me anti depressants to solve my gut issues. As I was in my second year of uni at this stage, I had enough knowledge to know that this was ridiculous and thankfully had enough determination to resist the advice and find another solution.

So my journey of healing and learning has taken me to many courses, many countries and many practitioners. I have tried eating everything from disgusting herbal concoctions to weird and wonderful drinks, soups and stews. I have done everything from brewing my own herbal tonics to burning candles in my ears. I have spat in test tubes, pooed in containers and cut hair off to analyse. I have had some amazing experiences and some horrible experiences.

I cannot tell you I have all the answers, but I can share with you what I have learnt. I used to hate my body. I hated the way I looked, I hated the way I felt and I hated the fact that I couldn’t do all the things I wanted to.

Respect your body

I never reached a point of loving my body. However, I have reached a point much deeper than that, and that is to respect my body.

Through this 30 day health challenge, my hope is that you too will find a new level of respect for your body. I will guide you through this journey so that you may develop skills for living a truly healthy and happy life.

Let’s do it!


This document has been prepared for the Body Intelligence 30 Health Challenge by Jacqueline Edser and is to be used in this context only. The information provided is not meant to substitute professional assessment or medical diagnostics and treatment.