Read something today that I thought was worth sharing...."Life can become overwhelming at times.  Circumstances occur that lead us to feel we have no control over our lives.  When we feel resigned to being powerless and therefore helpless to change things, it can create a shut down within us that we call depression.  It is as though the very vitality and exuberance of our spirit has been locked away.  When this happens we we are actually living from the lowest level of our being.  It is a very lonely place to be and also, surprisingly, very sweet.  There is something about depression that we enjoy and feel reluctant to let go of.

We hold on, almost as though it's a raft in a treacherous sea.  Why?  Because it offers a refuge from having to take responsibility for things - a bolt hold to hide in.

Once we can realise that we have created it as an excape from overwhelming obstacles, we then have two choices;

1.  To stay depressed and enjoy it.

2.  To examine a new way to look at things and consider that there may be different and more positive ways of dealing the the obstacles in life"

I think this relates to any not only depression but also to depressed moods, or feelings of flatness, low motivation, feelings of overwhelm and life is too hard.

Interesting way to look at it.  Gives us the choice to be mindful of how we look after ourselves.....what are we eating, what are you doing, who are you hanging out with, where are you going and why?

It is from a book called the Dance between Pain and Joy - Dr Mansukh Patel and Rita Goswami.