Body Intelligence Health Challenge Week 4

The Challenge - Week 4

Congratulations on making it to week 4.  The skills you have learnt are setting you up for a life of good health.  This week we are focusing on sleep.  Yes - that elusive thing that some of us wish we could get more of and some of us wish we didn’t have to have so much.  So the key to sleep is the quality, not necessarily the quantity.  Most research will tell you that you need about 8 hours of sleep per night, however, I have seen a lot of people who survive and thrive on much less.  So, I think it is an individual thing.  I do know however, the quality of your sleep is really important.  And, if you are waking at night, consistently at a particular time, take note and figure out why.

Tune in

This week it is time to tune in to your sleeping pattern.  Take notice of the quality of your sleep and the how you feel.  We spend a third of our life sleeping, the body heals, repairs and detoxifies during sleep and improving sleep quality combats fatigue and many health conditions. Here’s how;  

  • At night - tune in to how you feel when you go to bed at night.  Are you still feeling ok and just ready to sleep......or are you completely knackered and cannot keep your eyes open.  Are you still feeling in a good frame of mind, or are you moody and irritated.
  • During the night - do you wake up during the night.  If so, what time?  Take particular note of the time as this will give you clues into what part of your body is under stress.
  • In the morning - how do you feel when you wake up?  Is your energy good.  Do you still feel tired.  How long does it take to wake up?  What do you have to do or take to get you going?

Tune up

Your challenge this week is to give yourself some extra assistance to get into a deep and restful sleep.  In an ideal world we would all have a little “ritual” we could do before going to sleep, and if you think about it, there probably are things you already do, like clean your teeth, shower, cup of tea etc.  So your challenge this week is to create a regular sleep ritual including one or more of the following;

  • Establish a regular bedtime routine & regular sleep-wake schedule
  • Best quality of sleep is achieved when going to bed before 11.00pm (10pm even  better)
  • Both deep sleep time & growth hormone release can be maximized by following consistent bedtime
  • Avoid watching TV while in bed
  • Avoid having mobile phones & electrical appliances within one meter of your bed
  • Herbal tea at night - you can obtain “sleep” teas from your health food store
  •  Abdominal Breathing - we learnt this one last week and I believe it is the single easiest thing you can do for helping you rest, relax, rejuvenate and sleep.  Just try it.  When you get into bed, lie on your back and breathe.

Remember - it’s all about the little things that we can do every day that make a big difference to how we feel.

Happy snoozing!


This document has been prepared for the Body Intelligence 30 Health Challenge by Jacqueline Edser and is to be used in this context only.  The information provided is not meant to substitute professional assessment or medical diagnostics and treatment.