Passion is key to determination

Yesterday I had two different friends/colleagues tell me that my determination to keep going is inspiring.  They both commented that they have seen me just get up and keep going when things were really tough and stress levels are high.  It was odd to be on the receiving end of these comments and it made me stop and think what makes me so determined.  (mum, dad, sister, brother and ex-husband please note loudly - this is very different to being stubborn!!)

I think the key to being determined in life is finding your passion.  What lights you up and gets you excited.  Some of us would say it’s the reason you are put on this earth.  I believe we all have a purpose/s here and its our duty to find out what that is. 

Once you have discovered your passion, live your passion.......with passion!

I see a big difference though between "doing" your passion and living it.  And when we look at health and wellness, those that are really living their passion have true health and vitality.  They have that glow and that ability to live on 5 hours sleep when they have to.

Living your passion means making a yes/no decision.  And if the answer is yes for you, then it’s about putting your whole self into it.  Make a commitment that you will do what it takes.  Not do what you feel like doing and then do something else.  So it's not always easy and it's definitely not always comfortable.....and contrary to some people’s beliefs, it doesn’t happen overnight!  You can guarantee though that it will ignite your “spirit” and the health benefits of that alone are phenomenal.