Lifestyle medicine coaching - what the heck is it?

There is a global moment towards lifestyle medicine becoming the norm for treating lifestyle diseases. It makes a lot of sense that we would start to treat the cause, i.e. The lifestyles that created the problem. The main lifestyle diseases being cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes & obesity....but when you think about it, most injuries or illnesses are caused by lifestyle. But what the heck does that actually mean? And how does lifestyle medicine coaching help? 

We know that for those three main conditions, diet plays a major role in causing these illnesses.  When diagnosed with one of these conditions, it is often recommended that the person start changing their diet.  

In this situation, a lifestyle consultation would help you with all the practical aspects that this involves.  You might need to change your eating habits & you might even want to, but HOW. Changing what you eat involves many steps; 

Shopping - do you need to shop somewhere different to have access to the ingredients you need. If so where? How will this be scheduled into your week. How will you get there? What do you need to buy? How much? What brand? What size? 

Cooking - maybe you don't know how to cook. All well and good to say you'll cook meals for yourself that are healthy, but what if you don't know how. You might need different equipment or kitchen utensils. You might need to change things in your schedule to have time. What things are ok to pre prepare & refrigerate or freeze & what things should you prepare fresh. What spices do you need? What herbs? What meat? What things should you avoid? What needs to be in your pantry? What recipes do you use? What the hell is quinoa?!


Stress management - this may also be something that you need help with.  After all, a lot of our decisions on when and what to eat are fuelled by emotion and how you are feeling.  If this doesn't change it becomes very difficult to rely on will power alone and therefore this may require careful analysis and implementation of strategies to manage stressors into your lifestyle.  

You can see why people put these changes into the too hard basket, even if it has been "doctor's orders" to change dietary habits. Lifestyle medicine coaching will help you to break down these tasks and practically implement the changes into your life. You will be assisted to work out the "HOW TO" behind the what. If you need to change what you are eating, you will be guided to work out where to shop, what to buy, how much, what brands, what to avoid, kitchen items needed, how to put the ingredients into a healthy meal at a practical time of day, in a practical budget.....and make it taste good so you actually want to eat it! And then, work out how these new eating habits become the norm. Set some plans, set some goals. If there is a partner or family to consider, how do you out these changes in place and keep everyone happy. You'll also be guided to work out what to do when your not home. How to prepare so you're not opting for the fast food drive through when you're starving hungry, running late & have screaming kids in the back seat! 

Phew that's a lot to consider.  This is such an important aspect of helping people overcome lifestyle diseases.  Not only the big three mentioned above, but any kind of ill health or injury that has arisen out of the lifestyle that you have.  

Let's all get on this and move towards a healthier, happier world!!