Intuitive decisions are not always logical

When I first learnt about intuition I thought it was some amazing skill that was going to help me be a great practitioner and heal people.  I was taught to “tune in” to my intuition so that I could help people figure out their health problems when the “medical” data didn’t give the answers.   Sounded pretty fabulous and cool to me, so I went about doing everything I could to heighten this skill and use it to best serve others. 

Little did I know that developing my intuition would totally change my own life and they way I lived it!  Little did I know that it would sometimes be this really annoying nagging feeling, telling me to do things that I didn’t necessarily want to having difficult converstaions with loved ones, stopping doing a particular job even though it paid well, leaving relationships, keeping on persisting with a vision even though it consumed my life and running marathons! 

The thing I have noticed about my intuition is that it points me in a direction to do something, and I think, how on earth can that be good for me!!  And yet, time and time and time again, when I follow that inner voice, it ALWAYS works out for the best.  Solutions and opportunities arise that I never even thought were possible.

The more I do this, the more it seems like decisions that are made following your intuition or “following your heart” are not always logical.  

So that is how I have found myself booking flights to Spain to go on a pilgrimage.......all on my own.  I have had this calling to go and walk the Camino de Santiago for many years and have continually put it off because I didnt want to go by myself.  And as much as I kept logically telling myself it was too expensive and I shouldn’t go by myself, my heart has continued to push me to go.  

It is a leap of faith and it is totally and utterly out of my comfort zone.  

When I told one of my girlfriends that I had booked my flight, she said, “Noooo!!! are supposed to go to India to find yourself not Spain!!!”  My reply was, “well maybe I need to go to Spain to find out I need to go to India”.  

That’s the thing with intuition, it is not always logical.  This trip is a lesson in trusting and a lesson in following that inner voice.  I am so excited and I am also so scared.  It is an adventure into the unknown.....and, as recommended by another great friend, all I am doing now is breathing into my belly and schrunching my toes.   And oh yeah, getting very very excited!

So I will be away from the clinic for the month of September and then back on deck in October with lots of stories.  Who knows, I might then be going to India?!?

I would love to hear from you of your own experiences of what happened when you listened to that inner voice?

In health,


Jac Edser