Respect your vehicle

Every now and then someone comes into your life who changes your perspective and inspires you to take a different path in life. Aidan and his mum have been two of those people for me.

Our beliefs around life are often challenged when faced with disease and death.  My own concepts of health and life were certainly challenged when faced with the death of the "healthiest" person I knew and the person who lived and breathed every aspect of a "healthy" lifestyle.  How could she get cancer and die when she did everything right?  I had a similar conversation with a patient just last week.  She said to me, how come I got breast cancer, I do everything right, eat healthy, don't use a microwave, don't use aluminium deodorants etc etc.  Disease and death make us question what is the point of looking after our bodies if we are going to get sick or die anyway?

Watch this video of Aidan and I think you will agree with me, in that, it is all about respecting the body you have, and getting the most out of the vehicle you have been given.  Everyone is different.  Some of us are given brand new Ferrari's, some of us are given second hand mopeds, yet we all have the ability to use that vehicle to it's absolute capacity.  Respecting your vehicle and being healthy, will allow you to get the absolute most out of it every single day.  
A whole heap of use are going to be at the Tomewin Mountain Challenge this Sunday where the Dash for Duchenne will be run.  It is a 1km fun run for little kids and big kids, ferrari's and mopeds, all raising money for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.  If you can, come and join us.  If you can't, please support this cause in whatever way you can.
Remember to respect the vehicle you have been is the only one you've got.  
In health