Running with five finger

During my study with some of the world’s leading authorities in neurology, developmental kinesiology, biomechanics and functional medicine, I discovered this whole concept of functional movement patterns and reflex motor patterns that are innate in us.  Each movement is dependant on the muscles and groups of muscles working in synergy to provide a “punctum fixum” for a particular joint, creating and allowing the next movement pattern and the next punctum fixum.  And each muscle has parts of it that are active and inactive depending on what phase of the movement and depending on whether the muscle is contributing to movement or stability.  This has allowed me to understand the body as a synergistic whole, ie. Everything working together.  So for me to be able to stand on one foot, there needs to be coordinated activity throughout my whole body, even up into my neck and jaw, my vestibular system and every bit in between, and, this coordinated activity can only occur because of sensory motor input through joint and movement receptors .  Hence, we cannot look at the body as disconnected bits that operate in isolation.

Confused?  In simple words, this is why I was so excited to run in my five fingers, simulating a barefoot running style and to experience the change in biomechanics through out my whole body.  This happened just because of the sensations and feedback coming into my body through my feet.  Amazing!


When I started running I was landing on my heels – on concrete, that just hurt.  So automatically I transferred my weight onto my forefoot and started running in a more upright and forward posture.  It was even easier to breathe into my abdomen and I felt like I finally found a use for all those hundreds of intrinsic foot muscles.

Over the past few weeks I have been preparing my feet by including lots of activity bare foot.  Walking, exercise classes, yoga and some beach running.  Also I have done a lot of sensory motor reprograming and massage/mobilisation of the joints of my feet.  This was on top of having fully established a "functional" breathing pattern and reprograming my body to be in symmetrical alignment. 

Today the skin under my big toes is sore and the fibularis muscles (outside lower leg) are sore, indicating they have been used.  Great!!

Stay tuned.