Sleep Management Practices

Here is a summary from Shannon's great talk on Sleep......why we need it and how we can improve the quality of it.

We spend a third of our life sleeping, the body heals, repairs and detoxifies during sleep and improving sleep quality combats fatigue and many health conditions.
Essentially healthy sleep has been empirically proven to be as important as diet and exercise.

Some guidelines for better sleep include:

  • Establish a regular bedtime routine & regular sleep-wake schedule
  • Best quality of sleep is achieved when going to bed before 11.00pm (10pm even  better)
  • Both deep sleep time & growth hormone release can be maximized by following consistent bedtimes
  • Avoid daytime naps greater than one hour as this can adversely affect dream sleep at night
  • Avoid drinking coffee and tea after 2pm
  • Avoid drinking any soda drinks after 5pm
  • Avoid exercising too late at night
  • Avoid naps late in the afternoon
  • Do not smoke 2 hours before bed
  • Avoid watching TV while in bed
  • Avoid having mobile phones & electrical appliances within one meter of your bed
  • Eat light meals at night. Large and heavy meals interfere with sleep quality
  • Reduce or avoid Tyramine containing foods in the evening;
  • Bananas   Avocado   Cheese
  • Sour Cream  Yeast extracts   Wine
  • Beer   MSG    Pizza
  • Chocolate   Pickled foods   Fermented dairy
  • Fermented soy bean products
  • Increase trytophan containing foods in the diet;
  • Turkey   Chicken   Tuna
  • Fish    lamb    pork
  • Veal   eggs    tahini (sesame seeds)
  • Spirulina


If getting to sleep or staying asleep is an issue, if you don’t feel refreshed in the morning or if you experience day-time fatigue a consultation is recommended to further investigate and prescribe an effective wellness plan.

Please email me with any questions.  Shannon can help you further if you need more specific help.  She is available at the clinic on Thursday and Saturdays for one on one consultations. 

Enjoy your day