Barefoot running

This week I am starting of my transition to barefoot running.  Interesting concept isn’t it?  Let me explain

My philosophy on life in general is that if there is an organic or natural option then we should always choose that option.  Over the past 15 years I have made changes to all aspects of my life to align with that philosophy.  When I got back into running two years ago I didn’t really realise there were aspects of my running that were not organic.  I bought “running” shoes that were super cushioned and comfy and wore a heart rate monitor and was very measured and calculated about how many times I ran and for how long I ran. 

Over the past few years that slowly but surely changed and I got more and more “naked”.  The HR monitor had a very short life, ditching the watch followed shortly after.  When I ran my first marathon last year I ran with no watch, drank and ate nothing other than water and just ran with how I felt.  I had no idea that I was part of a movement towards naked running (by the way.........clothes are still worn!)

At this time my shoes had been an ongoing issue and I had niggling problems in my achillies tendons, knees and hips.  I felt like every time I put my foot on the ground it was unstable and my foot was trying to find its place.  This transferred into my knees and hips.  All my muscles and ligaments were working overtime to create stability during the movement.  I had no feedback, no proprioception.

I then purchased a pair of shoes that were flatter and less cushioning.  Yeahhhhh.  I finally felt like I was getting feedback and my body knew what to do.  Since then I have had less and less niggles and injuries, however, I am very excited to continue to take this to the next level and go bare foot

Improving proprioceptive feedback through the feet is a huge part of my treatment and rehabilitation programs and therefore this makes so much sense to me!!!  I am a bit excited and invite you to come on this journey with me.......I will keep you updated on the how's and why's and who's.  The experts, Chris from Chisel Runners and Dave from Naked Runners are guiding me.......of course I like to do things "my way" and there have already been a few good thought stimulating conversations. 

Stay tuned!