Core Strength Program

Yesterday was the first CORE STERNGTH program for back pain. 

It has been a little while since I have run a program like this and I was actually surprised how much I enjoyed it.  I actually forgot how much it helps to have the extra education and understanding of your body.  The exciting part is seeing people be able to relate the information to themselves and get motivated to take a greater level of control of their strength and function.

The first week of the program was all about understanding the real foundations of our spine, what goes wrong, our healing mechanisms and strength.

The key points covered yesterday regarding back pain and core strength included;

  •  Pain is an alarm system in our body to tell us something is going on.  It's like a fire alarm.  When the fire alarm goes off, you wouldn't turn it off without dealing with the fire. 
  • Inflammation is part of our healing process.  The fire brigade comes in to put the fire out and start the clean up process.  If things go wrong in our body systems, inflammation can become chronic.  Like if the fire brigade ran out of water or got a leak in their hose.
  • Understanding neutral alignment of the spine and how to maintain it is paramount to good back health and strength
  • Muscles are your motor for movement and posture and have a major impact on the alignment of the spine.  The stretching process is about eliciting a physiological change in the muscles to increase the length and integrity.
  • A functional breathing pattern is the absolute foundation of core strength.

Everyone went home with two exercises which are absolutely simple and will be incorporated into everyday life, not added into an already busy and full schedule. 

I'm looking forward to the next session where we will build on this knowledge and delve further into movement and exercises, nutrition for a healthy back and lifting and moving techniques.

If you are interested in joining a program, please contact me on or 5534 7733.

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