What is the reason? Please HELP!

So I wrote a blog today that I thought was really good......took me a few hours to put it together, making sure I linked to all the right research and making it all flow and sound really good.  It was all about “practicing what I preach” as I have been really having to practice what I preach the last few weeks while I’ve been training for the marathon.  There was heaps of useful information about how to manage inflammation, how to manage muscle soreness and fatigue, how to prevent and manage general fatigue.  I also talked about enjoying whatever it is that you are doing as that changes the signalling to our cells and ultimately affects our ability to heal, and our ability to keep performing.

The other thing I talked about was that when we do things like train for a marathon, it gives us an opportunity to really understand our bodies.  Our bodies are always “talking to us” giving us messages.....coming in the form of pain, heat, fatigue etc.  This is what I love about my job – I get to help people understand these messages are and help find solutions.

I was so excited about this blog as I really wanted to send this information out.  So I pressed the “save and close” button, and whalah......it was GONE!!!!!

Like all good, balanced, healthy people I chucked a little tantrum and swore and stomped my feet and got totally frustrated.  I then tried to be spiritual and righteous about it and say that it happened for a reason or something like that.......but quite frankly I couldn’t see any good reason!!

Now that I have had a few hours away from the computer, treating people, I have a little perspective on it and can say that it has taught me a few lessons;

  • I absolutely love helping people and treating people with hands on treatments and talking to them
  • I don’t really enjoy all this internet/facebook/blog stuff and I have a very short attention span in front of a computer
  • I’m only doing it because it is what I’ve been told I have to do to help let people know that we are here
  • I don’t really know what people want to hear about.......so maybe I should ask???
  • And, usually things do happen for a reason, it sometimes just takes longer to realise that reason

So, if anyone has any suggestions on what they want to hear, or, can possibly offer a reason..........please let me know!