Register now for an amazing journey.

Are you ready to take your health and fitness to a different level?  We are very excited to be now taking bookings for this year's trek to Everest Base Camp, which departs on 30th October.  Please email me for full itinerary and see this page for some further details on the health and fitness program, the journey and what to expect.

In the meantime.....below is a copy of my entry into our group journal from last year.  We had a group journal which was given to a different member of the group each day to write about memories, thoughts, feelings or just funny stories along the way. 

"19th October 2010

The journey began many weeks ago and now we have arrived in Kathmandu, the journey has taken on a new level of excitement and reality.

Our program was designed to allow people the opportunity to gain a greater awareness of their health and fitness and to ultimately be "fit and healthy" enough to trek to Base Camp.

The greatest tool we have in times like this is a trust, belief and knowing that we can achieve anything.  We can tap into that inner drive or inner spirit when we need to take one more step but our mind tells us we can't.

The group we have is amazing and the friendships and connections that have already developed amongst the group is quite special.  We are all going to be challenged during this trek and it will be really nice to watch and experience the true nature of everyone as they feel and see different emotions, different physical sensations and different environments.  We all must remember to act out of compassion and love.....even in our darkest moments, even when we just don't feel like it.

Although we have had our brief with our guide Lhakpa, I still have no idea what to expect.  I am so looking forward to experiencing everything.  There is a certain "calmness" about the people in Kathmandu and I can only imagine the mountain people will be even more like this and I am sure we will all learn so much more about "life" from the people and the land.