Do you dare to be you?

Do you dare to be you?  Do you dare to stop being who you should be and just be who you are?  In this awesome TED talk by Lissa Rankine she talks about her journey as a doctor, discovering that being your authentic self and listening to that inner pilot is actually how we create and keep our health.  This talk really touched me, because finally someone was speaking my language.  As an Occupational Therapist this is what I am trained to do, look at people’s live, biological, psychological, sociological, cultural and generational.


You see, our bodies are like a barometer and tell us when things in our life are out of balance with what our true self requires.  All physical symptoms are a message to us that we need to do something different.  And, when we don’t listen to the whispers, they just get louder and louder.  Like the slight neck tension turns into a slight headache, which turns into a severe headache which turns into constant headaches.  Or the flutters in your chest, which turns into pain, which turns into radiating pain down our arm, which turns into a heart attack. 


I gave a talk recently that was all about Body Intelligence and how we have the ability to listen to our bodies, just the same as we listen to music. When we start to tune in, we develop an acute awareness of what we need.  What our body needs, what our mind needs and what our soul needs.  It becomes easy to follow your inner pilot and create a life of genuine peace and happiness.


While you are in control and you are the expert of your body, you don’t have to do it alone.  I’m here to help you in whatever way you need.  


  1. Jumpstart your health - take the 30 day Body Intelligence Health Challenge.  Start to tune into your body so that you can hear the messages it is sending.  That process is all about developing your body awareness and in turn, living a life that is respectful to your body.  Each week you will receive a health challenge that will be followed up with support and education to ensure your success.  It’s free.......all you have to do is send me an email
  2. Detox - work out what it is that you truly need and learn how to ask for it.  Tune into that inner pilot light and follow it.  Be brave, be courageous.  Sometimes it is hard to hear those messages because of interference.....or toxicity.  Contact me if you are interested in a detox program.
  3. Health Mentoring - at times it is essential to have specific guidance and support that is unique to your individual circumstances.  Recently I have worked with a client in this capacity and the mentoring has covered everything including a visit to his work to set up his workstation to a visit to his home to “detox” his pantry.  Please contact me if you would like more information.